How to make your message stick in prospects’ mind as a coach or consultant?

How well your message is received, remembered, and acted upon will determine your success or failure as an entrepreneur.

Today people are bombarded with messages as we mindlessly scroll on social media. Our minds are preoccurpied with so many distractions.

How to gain attention in this noisy online space and carve out an oasis for your business?

The truth is that the same message said differently  has different effects.

Even though WHAT you say is important, HOW you say it is even more important.

Your amazing communication skill, or lack of, can make your business skyrocket or take a nosedive.

In this article, I will share with you the three mind hacks that will help you make your message stick in prospects subconscious mind and make a difference.

Warning: you might be surprised by the last one!

Mind hack #1: FASCINATION

Fascinate comes from the Latin word for “evil spell,” and originally meant “bewitched” or “spellbound” in the literal, more sinister sense. The word eventually took on the less evil, more metaphorical meanings “to command the attention of” or “to captivate.”


Fascination is magical.

When you can fascinate someone you grab their attention like a dog latched onto a bone.

You are literally putting people under your spell, ethically! innocent

Image what would happen if your marketing message FASCINATES people.

How this ability helps you create your financial freedom?

You are never going to struggle to get clients! And people are so willing to work with you!

Attention is the most valuable commodity.

How to fascinate your prospects?

You can tell a fascinating story, your hero’s journey for example.

Tell people what you went through in COLORFUL descriptions not a flat tone.

Tell stories that you know of other people that’s related to your business.

Be a great story teller not a dry dirt.

Continue to hone your story telling skills, be vivid, be emotional, be HUMAN. You will become FASCINATING!

We are, if only for a moment, utterly spellbound. Herein lies the power of fascination: it strips away our usual rational barriers, exposing our minds, leaving us vulnerable to influence, naked to persuasion.

-Fascinate, by Sally Hogshead

Mind hack #2: SHOCKING

While fascinating is mesmerizing, shocking intrigues insatiable curiosity.

Humans are curious in nature.

People are seeking to be SHOCKED so that they can get out of their daily boring mundane.

Think about how many people spent hours and hours reading thriller, or watch horror movies. It trigers something on the SOUL level, that we all want to get out of the norm and be thrilled.

How to use shocking in marketing your business?


Tell your story from a unique angel that’s out of the norm.

Don’t just give a lecture, throw out an intrigering promise that people have to read on to find out for themselves.

Perhaps the best example is marketing genius John Carlton‘s one legged golfer ad.

Amazing Secret Discovered By One-Legged Golfer Adds 50 Yards To Your Drives Eliminates Hooks and Slices… And Can Slash Up To 10 Strokes From You’re Game Almost Overnight!

It’s BOLD.

It’s unbelievable.

It sounds too good to be true.

Therefore, one has to read the whole story to find out!

That’s the power of being SHOCKING! It grabs people’s attention. People simply cannot ignore it.

Imagine what’s going to happen when you use the SHOCKING mind hack for marketing your business?

Mind hack #3: SUSPENSION

Yes, you read it right.

Suspension can help you make your message enticing and unforgettable!

Our mind is very fascinating!

It wants to understand, and it won’t stay in midway! It wants to complete the loop.

Have you ever read headlines like this:

7 ways to hack your productivity, the last one will disgust you!

This is just a headline I made up on the fly 🙂

You might have seen headlines like that where they promise you a list of things, then they single out a particular item, usually the later ones if not the last one.

It intriguers curiosity.

It puts your mind in SUSPENSION!

When that happens, your mind has to find out about this thing they singled out! It won’t settle until your mind finds out.

That’s the power of suspension.

It keeps your interest high and “forces” you to keep on reading.

Remember a line I said earlier in this article?

In this article, I will share with you the three mind hacks that will help you make your message stick in prospects subconscious mind and make a difference.

Warning: you might be surprised by the last one!

Fiction writers know exactly how to use suspension masterfully.

Some stories have embedded stories.

Before one story ends, another story started.

Stories within stories, it’s like Russian doll in words!

That’s brilliant use of suspension.

How to use suspension in your marketing so that your message can reach deeper into people’s subconscious mind?

In your presentation or webinar, embed some element of suspension.

For example, you can promise there’ll be a surprise at the end of the presentation, or a special bonus that will only be revealed at the end.

Do something creative here.

Make it fun and exciting!

The mind wants to complete the loop and close the suspension, so your audience will listen carefully until the end.

Which one are you using in your marketing?

Is your message FASCINATING?

Is your message SHOCKING?

Do you have SUSPENSION?

How do you make your message unforgettable?