I Believe That Anyone Who Wants To Make A Positive Impact In Other Peoples' Lives As A Coach Should Be Able To Make A Great Living Doing It, And I Am Here To Help You!

Sue was born in a poor village in China at a time Chinese girls were looked down upon.

Generations of her family were tied to their village, with little to no education.

When Sue was 3 years old her mom started suffering from a mysterious illness that couldn’t be detected by the medical system. Out of sheer frustration and suffering, Sue’s mom attempted suicide, but miraculously survived thanks to Divine intervention.

Sue At Age 5 With Her Brother

For the next ten years, as a young girl Sue witnessed her mom suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts from time to time and her Dad’s frustration of finding decent jobs because he was an elementary school dropout.

Sue knew too well what the feeling of being trapped felt like, the feeling of not being able to see the end of the tunnel.

Sue was often driven to despair as a young village girl, yet the intense desire to change her own fate and that of her family were unquenchable. It kept her going.

Driven by her determination for change, Sue took incredibly bold actions and achieved an impossible dream against all odds and made it to the US for PhD study in Neurobiology after college in China.

Her journey to the West was filled with ordeals, perseverance, and faith.

Sue finished her PhD studies with honor in a short 5 years, got married and had her first child.

Things were going well, but some deeper questions were gnawing at her. She felt that by herself alone she couldn’t have done what she set out to do as a poor Chinese village girl. There was certainly some greater force at play.

More importantly, Sue was curious as to

How can anyone get out of their seemingly hopeless situations?
Who are the invisible helpers and how to get help?
What is the meaning of life and how to live it to the fullest?
What are the determining factors of success in a seemingly impossible situation?

With her relentless quest for truth, Sue was led to a spiritual awakening experience in 2016 where her spirit guide confirmed her purpose in life: to heal and empower.

Sue had since found the powerful tool for change: COACHING.

On a separate path, Sue was lured into an internet marketing scam for $11,049 in the beginning of 2014 when she became pregnant with her third child. She was left with empty promises, kicked to the curb, and the anguish towards people who mastered the powerful skills such as internet marketing and high-ticket sales yet lacked the true intention to serve.

In the subsequent years Sue studied internet marketing and high-ticket sales like a mad scientist. She believes that these powerful skills are meant for the soul-centered coaches.

Today, Sue is a student of the spiritual laws of success and manifestation, the art and science of high-ticket closing, advanced marketing strategies for online service-based businesses. She combines the inner game and the outer game for online business creation and success manifestation.

From Poor Chinese Village Girl To American Mother And Coach

Sue believes that anyone who wants to make a positive impact in other peoples’ lives as a coach should be able to make a great living doing it.  

With her diverse background in Eastern and Western philosophies, her talents in marketing strategies and high-ticket sales, Sue is here to help soul-centered coaches to make a positive impact in the world while achieving their own financial freedom.

Mindset, Sales and Marketing, you need all three…

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