Can One Presentation Change Everything?

Decades ago, in a small village in China, a girl nobody would pay attention to, broke the family tradition of being tied to the same farm land for generations…

Sue At Age 5 With Her Brother

Through hard work and bold actions, she escaped the poor fate she was born into and barely stepped into the door of one of the most prestigious Universities in China.

In college, she was very shy. But she reached out to her dreams like her life was dependent on it, ignoring the fact that she was simply a mediocre student nobody would care about. 

In her third year in college, she decided that she wanted to go to the most advanced civilization in the world, the United States of America!

People laughed at her and her ridiculous dream. After all, she had nothing special, nothing to show for. She was just a village girl with broken English and average academic performance… Many of her classmates were more qualified than her, yet they gave up on their American dreams…

However, she burned the ships, took bold actions, and made her dream non-negotiable. She was determined to defy what seemed like fate. If she were to fail, she would make peace with it. She would accept anything that would come of it, excuse herself of any shame or guilt because at least she tried…

When you behave like that, the entire Universe conspires to help you, and that’s exactly what happened.

As luck had it, she was given a rare chance to meet a kind US professor who happened to visit her city in China, at the exact time she prayed for higher help. 

This serendipitous encounter changed everything!

In this meeting, this poor Chinese village girl had to put on a life-changing presentation, with her broken English! 

She had to demonstrate, with the power of English words that were foreign to her, why an esteemed US professor would accept her as a graduate student with full stipend in an ultra competitive, prestigious yet small American University that may or may not have one opening for one international student… 

She had to communicate why she was the one and ONLY one, despite the fact that she was not qualified academically or financially…

Her presentation was so powerful that it pulled her out of generations of poverty and shifted her entire life 180 degrees! Otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this story by this girl…

It transformed her life from a poor Chinese village girl with a gloomy future to a well-accomplished American scientist, a seeker of higher consciousness, and ultimately a business coach, a true entrepreneur.

Hi my name is Sue Maisano, and I changed my life through presentations. This is my family

My transformation would not be possible without the power of presentations! Today I am a mother of 3, wife of a loving husband.

If you love my story you absolutely love what I do…

Today, I help the most inspiring people: coaches, consultants, and course creators win clients through presentations, high converting webinars if you will.

Together we will create an automated, evergreen webinar presentation that quickly transforms viewers from total strangers to firm believers of you and your premium services! 

An automated and evergreen webinar is the greatest strategy for selling your high ticket services or products! It gives you the leverage no other can match.

However, it gets even better!

I will help you throw gasoline to the fire by running paid traffic through Facebook ads so that your high converting sales funnel runs itself giving you true FREEDOM! 

Together we will build a well-oiled online selling machine for you and your business!

Ad, automated evergreen webinar, high ticket sales.

No need for following, cold messaging, or endless content creations.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Why work with me?

  • Swipe my proven templates and persuasive communication skills to your automated evergreen webinar that sells around the clock, value $10,000 
  • Done-For-You website and webinar sales funnel to eliminate your tech hurdles and remove overwhelm by 90%, value $8,000 
  • Smart email follow ups that closely follow direct response marketing principles that spills out additional cash for your business, value $5,000
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Total value $57,000! The best part is, investment to my one-on-one coaching program does not even 1/5 of the real value as of right now! 

PS: investment to my program may change without notice. I can’t guarantee you it will stay this low for much longer…

What sets my program apart from others is that our focus is IMPLEMENTATION of a proven SYSTEM in your particular business. The Done-For-You part truncates your learning curve by 90% and eliminate information overwhelm or lack of focus. You take deliberate and strategic actions guided by higher principles.

How to qualify?

  • You do good business, does not have to be top of the line, but good.
  • You are a big thinker and ultra confident about your service or product. 
  • You are a go-getter not a neighsayer.
  • You are someone who takes full responsibility for your own success or failure.
  • You understand business is the ultimate self-development and investing in yourself always yields the biggest ROI for the rest of your life.

How to apply for a FREE consultation?

Go to this page, tell me a bit about you and your business. It will take you to the calendar booking page. On the call, we will determine if you are a good fit for my program and how to get started.