3 Easy Steps Most Coaches Miss That Keep Them

Overwhelmed, Underpaid, & Unconsciously Repelling Clients



3 Mental Shifts Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Entrepreneurship is the ultimate self-development. When you start a business, you come face to face with your hidden fears, self-doubt, and insecurities. Business success is an internal journey of overcoming yourself, and in this process of inner transformation you become a better version of yourself, which results in business success outwardly. Your outer circumstance is a perfect mirror of what you hold inside; success is simply a byproduct of your inner. Therefore, mental shifts is the most crucial part of your business. There are 3 mental shifts that need to happen for success to manifest. Mental shift #1: Practice "Having Done" energy When you take business actions from the energy of...

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What the Kardashians taught me about marketing

The Kardashians may not be a popular figure among entrepreneurs. In fact, many people criticized that the Kardashians are famous for BEING famous, that they don't have any real talents or skills. Yet they are multiple millionaires, living a life style you and I can only dream of... The Kardashians have so many loyal fans following them on social media that their single post can generate tens or hundreds of thousands of sales. That's probably why they charge an arm and leg for posting a commercial for businesses. A night club would pay $500,000 for Kim Kardashian's presence in their club for a night. All she needed to do is to sit there and have some drinks. No work to be done, she's paid...

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The magic of imagination

We probably do not give much thought to Einstein’s saying, “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” other than that it was spoken by Einstein. To us, knowledge is already gained wisdom and when you learn it you do so through reading, or perhaps you were taught by a teacher or through other means (we are using the word knowledge with the exclusion of inner knowledge here.) Either way, it does not require much effort on your part. You are told so and so; you understand it or not, but it’s always there. However, imagination is a creative process. It is a creation from nothingness to something, and it is not restricted by anything known before. You birth a novel idea into your conscious...

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3 Advice for New Coaches and Consultants

# 1 work on your mindset and belief What actions you take and the emotions you have while taking actions determine your results. What action your take is based on what’s in your mind. When your mind has clarity, you take the right actions. When your mind is confused, you take lousy actions. How you take action is determined by your mindset as well. Everything you do and how you do it are determined by your mindset. New coaches or consultant who have not gone through mindset work shows in how they show up. Hire a mindset coach if you have to. Build a strong foundation for your business. With the right mindset, you will: Gain clarity of your messaging Clear of your goals Show up consistently...

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