Coaching Business Alchemy

Next Dimension Business Creation

Are you a coach, consultant or online service provider who want to sign up clients, transform lives and build a bank in the process?

My program The Coaching Business Alchmey is the BEST program for you!

Let’s cut the smoke and mirror and get right to the point: 

What you get with Coaching Business Alchemy?

Week 1 : Reality Alchemy

Attune your mind, body, and spirit to business success in alignment with the energy nature of the Universe. Bend reality to your desires while you answer your deep inner callings. 

Week 2 : High-Ticket Sale Alchemy

A simple, yet dangerously powerful 7- step formula to close high-ticket sales. Easy mind-shifts that instantly elevate your vibrations to closing sales naturally, even if you are shy talking to others.

Week 3 : Irresistible Offer Alchemy

Simple process to create offers that your prospects are powerless to resist. Become a master of influence. Make your words move mountains, and people! Miss any part your business will suffer.

Week 4 : Website Alchemy

Easy steps to build your authority website in ONE day that sucks in hot leads, even if you have never touched a website before. 

Week 5 : Automation Alchemy

Assemble your online selling machine. Systematize and automate your marketing and sales process so your business does not depend on you being physically there. Let technology replicate you while the real you watch a fun movie or hanging out with family or friends! Create an unfair advantage for your business in this advanced digital age!

Week 6 : Organic Marketing Alchemy

Attract and sign up high-ticket coaching clients without spending a dime. 

Week 7 : Facebook Ads Alchemy

Leverage the largest and most comprehensive network on earth to fuel your business with unlimited traffic and leads through advanced internet marketing. No cold calling, no stalling, or pestering friends & families. Build and scale your business like a real business!

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Why You Want to Be Part of Coaching Business Alchemy?

Benefits of becoming a Coaching Business Alchemy member

1. Lifetime access.

$10,000 value

Once in, you benefit for the rest of your life! When the program evolves and get updated with the latest strategies and technologies, you gain immediate access! The value of this program keeps on growing but you don’t need any additional investment. So the sooner you get in, the more benefit you receive! It’s a no brainer.

2. Weekly coaching sessions.

$2,000/week value

You, your fellow Coaching Business Alchemy (CBA) members, and me or my highly qualified staff member meet virtually every week. Bring any of your questions, struggles, and wins to the call. You can run your business ideas by us, solve the problems you are facing, get feedbacks and inspirations.

Even if you don’t have questions at a particular coaching session, you are going to learn priceless lessons from your fellow CBA members. These ongoing coaching and supports create significant breakthroughs! Can’t make it to a live coaching session? No problem! Each session is recorded and uploaded to the members area so you can watch anytime!

3. CBA Facebook Group.

$997 value

Ask questions, get answers, celebrate your wins, discuss important business ideas with your fellow CBA members. The activity in the group is focused on getting you results, and not a time sucker because CBA members understand how to use resources.

4. Shared resources.

$495 value

I had been studying intensively what are the best and most affordable business tools and resources and I share with our CBA members. It will cut down your learning curve by 95% and save you hundreds of dollars of business tools and plug and play templates.

5. Copywriting examples and Templates.

$997 value

Word are magic! Learn how to use your words to move mountains and print money. Get samples, examples and plug an play templates to super charge your business.

Coaching Business Alchemy is serious about helping you making money as a coach or consultant with the least amount of work. Members are handpicked by me personally to ensure the high-income skills fall into good hands.

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Coaching Business Alchemy

Next Dimension Business Creation