The Kardashians may not be a popular figure among entrepreneurs.

In fact, many people criticized that the Kardashians are famous for BEING famous, that they don’t have any real talents or skills.

Yet they are multiple millionaires, living a life style you and I can only dream of…

The Kardashians have so many loyal fans following them on social media that their single post can generate tens or hundreds of thousands of sales.

That’s probably why they charge an arm and leg for posting a commercial for businesses.

A night club would pay $500,000 for Kim Kardashian’s presence in their club for a night. All she needed to do is to sit there and have some drinks. No work to be done, she’s paid for her mere appearance…

The Kardashians rose to be a household name, and they harnessed so many raving fans, along with haters who equally couldn’t stop following them.

Why are the Kardashians so popular?
What powers do they possess that make them so entitled to make so much in sales?
What could it mean for you and your business if you can reach that type of status?

What the Kardashians taught me about marketing is that your marketing can be so deep that it reaches people’s psych on the level of primal instinct.

They created a solid family brand with strong personalities that people IDENTIFY with, and that is the ULTIMATE level of marketing.

Speaking of the different depth of marketing, there are three levels of marketing:

Level 1 of marketing: Features

You tell people what your product or service do. This level is about features. You describe the “what is” of your product or service. You try to convince people the superiority of your stuff.

Using a drill as an example, you are selling a drill and you tell people how fast it can spin, the latest technologies it uses, extra.

Level 2 of marketing: Benefits

You help people see the EMOTIONAL transformation your product or service help them achieve. This second level is much deeper because people buy with emotions and justify with logic. At this level you are communicating to people’s emotions, where decisions are made. This we sometimes call the benefits of your product or service.

Take selling the drill for example again, you ask the potential buyer about the holes they want to drill and why they want to drill a hole in the first place. They will do the selling for you!

Level 3 of marketing: Identity Marketing

This level of marketing is the deepest of all three. At this level, the seller has reached such a status that they don’t need to do any heavy lifting to sell their products or services. People buy anything and everything you promote, just because it is YOU who’s selling it!

This third level is every business owners wet dream. At this level, the marketing reaches people’s psych, it reaches people’s core BEINGNESS. People IDENTIFY with you. And all the seller needs to do is to BE, be the person of who they are.
Selling becomes effortless, and that’s also the reason why haters are born, because it seems like that it is not fair…

That’s the level of marketing at the level of BEINGNESS, because you actually don’t need to do much! You have an unfair advantage.

Too many businesses owners have self-judgement, always feeling not good enough. They want to do more so they feel secure, but there’s never enough DOINGNESS to make them feel good enough in their BEINGNESS.

Or they could not stand being “famous” in their niche, because it would generate attention and attract haters.

I bet the Kardashians never do that type of mental damage to themselves, they are confident, or even take it for granted you may say. They take full advantage of the status they deliberately created for themselves.

That’s a valuable lesson I learned from the Kardashians. Other things aside, they indeed achieved the finest mastery in marketing…

What are your thoughts?
Hey, we are not as lucky as the Kardashians, but there are certainly things we can do to better the sales and marketing of our coaching business!

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