Sue Helped Me Recover From Past Trauma In One Session…

“With Sue’s help in a single session I was able to truly let go of the past trauma that was haunting me down in my life like nightmares. I felt a sense of peace again and my depression was gone. Thank God I was led to Sue to set me free from past trauma!”

-Steve Jankowski, Connecticut


Sue Has a Sacred Power That’s Hard to Explain…

“Sue helped me open up my mind to a higher power that I never knew existed. It was exciting and even “scary” at first. I started to have a sense of meaning in everything in life and the feeling that we are not alone in facing life’s challenges. Sue helped me open the door to understanding our ability to perceive the hidden information that’s independent from our five senses, to help us succeed in life. I felt incredibly grounded, yet enlightened, with her help.”

-Charles Rappaport, New York, US


Sue Helped Me Gain Clarity in My Business…

“With Sue’s help I was able to gain clarity in my coaching business. Prior to my sessions with her I was all over the place; I didn’t know what I should be focusing on in my business. Sue helped me tap into the ‘super-conscious’ state, where I could see the possibilities and future events with great detail. Suddenly it became clear what would drive my business and I was able to move forward to the right direction.”

-Casey Williams, Indiana, US