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Three Simple Steps I Personally Use To Create High-Paying Clients Predictably On Autopilot... Miss Any Step Your Business Is DOOMED!

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You may not be ready to hear what I am about to say, but when you hear it, you’ll have to admit that it’s absolutely life changing. Notice, also, that it significantly impacts all of your future clients for business and your long-term prosperity. Here goes…

There are three steps to business success as a coach or consultant.

  1. Reprogram your mind for unwavering belief in yourself
  2. Enhance your communication skills, and
  3. Create highly optimized online sales systems, unlimited targeted traffic and leads to your business to run on AUTOPILOT

No matter the initial reason you started your coaching/consulting business, one thing is for sure, you want to reach MORE people, sell MORE products/services, and achieve your own TIME and MONEY freedom.

The problem is – when you get all the technical part down of running a business – you will come to realize it is not about the nuts and bolds about business building, it’s about YOU.

You are the only one who can hold you back from reaching the type of success you desire.

Once you cultivated an unwavering belief in yourself, uplevel your communication skills, and sharpen your ability to create unlimited laser-targeted traffic and leads, you become unstoppable!

Step 1. Reprogram your mind for unwavering belief in yourself

At any given moment, your thinking patterns and how you make decisions is a summation of all your PAST.

Your subconscious mind runs in the background, dictating every decision you make, whether move forward in your business despite fear, or continue to procrastinate and remain in the comfort zone of status quo.

These thoughts are below your conscious awareness, taking control of running your business.

Your subconscious mind houses over 95% of your mental power, and your conscious mind holds a mere 5%. You simply can’t win against your powerful subconscious mental programming, the hidden driving force of your life.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ― C.G. Jung

As a business owner, nothing will shift until you shift your mind.

This is an absolute priority.

As a young innocent baby, the subconscious mind was WIDE open. Whatever concepts, ideas, feelings you were exposed to were seeded into your subconscious mind.

Your life is following this hidden script, often times it is loaded with pitfalls and limitations.

When you start a business, you are going into a new “uncharted” personal territories.

Imaging using an old map to navigate this new territory, it can become very dangerous.

In business, you come face to face with your own limiting beliefs!

What had been dictating your life unconsciously is coming to the surface, taking control of how you make business decisions.

Deep down, most people suffer lack of confidence, low self-esteem, low sense of self-worth. It is a self-image issue; it’s about what you believe you deserve and what you think is possible for you.

What is the one thing that can conquer all limitations, internal or seemingly external?

Unwavering belief in yourself!

A powerful hidden force of unwavering belief in yourself is that it transcends physical reality!

It allows you to fascinate people. It magnetizes your audience. It creates realignments in the Universe to bring your dream to reality. It creates an unfair advantage for you to succeed in business!

Your unwavering belief in yourself is the driving force to tide you through tough times, help you beat the odds, and make your dream a reality, no matter how far-reaching it seems.

Let me tell you a story.

In 2004, a poor Chinese village girl had a WILD dream that she was ridiculed for; she wanted to go to the United States.

Growing up in the poor Chinese farmers household, she was lucky enough to become the first college student in generations in her family.

Despite her effort in college she was a mediocre student, she didn't have the necessary experience required of her major, and she didn't have any money for applying for US schools. The worst part is, she only had 3 months to prepare for difficult tests that was way beyond her capabilities...

About the only one thing she had was UNWAVERING belief in herself.

The strong-like-steal belief in herself tipped the scale.

And guess what? Reality was SHIFTED.

The Universe rearranged itself to initiate a series of unlikely events to happen, important people for her to meet.

Miraculously, she escaped the poor fate she was born into. She came to the US to study PhD in neurobiology.

Her life transformed again and again, and today she's a soul-centered business coach, helping others empower through business building.

That poor Chinese village girl was me...

On the left was me in New York City 3 months after arriving in the US. On the right was me in 2020. Having UNWAVERING belief in myself transformed my life over and over, and I know it will transform yours too! Building a business is the ULTIMATE self-development. Your unwavering belief in yourself will call forth the HIGHER power to assist you!

I know in anything you do, the unwavering belief in yourself is the first and foremost quality you need to cultivate. Your unwavering belief in yourself will rewrite your PAST and FUTURE!

When you start a great undertaking, such as building a coaching or consulting business, your mere belief in yourself will SHIFT reality.

It'll call forth the Universe's almighty power to assist you. It'll create a "Reality Distortion Field", which solidify future probablities into physical reality according to your desire.

When you radiate the type of confidence shine through your unwavering belief in yourself, you bend reality for your success.

In my Coaching Business Alchemy program I share with you how to do that.

Step 2. Enhance your communication skills

Having unwavering belief in yourself is the first huge step forward, but you need to follow up with actions.

You must be able to transfer your feelings through your communication.

The feeling of unwavering belief in yourself, and your service, needs to come through your communications with others.

Not only that, you need to be able to CONNECT with your prospects’ feelings, so that you can help guide their feelings towards you and your service.

Any business you are in, people is the most important factor. People do business with people they like and trust, and this is especially true in the coaching and consulting industry.

Your communication skill will win you clients and bring you money!

Your words matter!

Your words can attract potential clients or repel them, unconsciously.

If you understand it and use it strategically you get ahead of the competition.

In the noisy online space we are in there are a sea of other coaches just like you, they work as hard as you if not harder.

They maytry to undercut you by charging less, or offer a rediculous bonus like foot massage on top of their coaching!

You get the idea.

You are not the ONLY lemonade stand in the middle of the desert…

I know you have great intention to help others, that's probably why you get into the coaching industry in the first place.

However, that simply is not enough. 

You need POWER in your words.

The power in your message, or lack of, can make or break your business.

As a coach or consultant, you are a communication master, an ALCHEMIST.

As you can tell, this step number two, enhance your communication skills, is connected to the first step, reprogram your mind for unwavering belief in yourself.

Why is that?

Because if you have not done the mental work to develop unwavering belief in yourself, you will NOT be able to focus on develop your communication skills.

You would focus on the WRONG things, thinking that the economy is bad, the pandemic is what’s causing you failures, no one can afford your coaching, you don’t have proper certifications, or any other crap.

These sneaky thoughts are signs that you have NOT reprogramed your mind for unwavering belief in yourself!

Only when your mindset is right, will you be able to focus on honing your communication skills.

Since you have read thus far, I know that you are someone who realized the power of communication in achieving success. It’s not a coincidence that you are here reading this…

Step 3. Create highly optimized online sales systems, unlimited targeted traffic and leads to your business to run on AUTOPILOT

Now we come to step three of creating successful coaching or consulting business. Unlike the first two steps, this third step contains technical know-how.

Traffic and leads are the blood of your business, without these you don’t have a business.

Most people jump into business diving into the technical know-how immediately. They think the reason no one is interested in their offerings is because they don’t have enough traffic and leads.

But the truth is, no amount of traffic and leads can compensate for the lack of belief in the self and high converting communication skills.

So that’s why creating unlimited targeted traffic and leads to your business on AUTOPILOT comes third in this three-step process.

It does not need to be hard; it just needs to be strategic!

Marketing is the ONLY activity that brings you money in your business, because marketing gets you known and draws in clients.

If your marketing is not working, that means there’s something WRONG with your marketing.

It could be your mindset is not aligned, your communication is not converting, or your marketing strategies are not optimized.

When you master the first two steps, compounded with this third step of creating unlimited targeted traffic and leads to your business predictably on AUTOPILOT, it will give you the TIME and MONEY freedom you are seeking!

Attune your mind, body & spirit to business success in alignment with the energy nature of the Universe. Bend reality to your desires while you answer your deep inner callings. Once you understand the higher truth of the Universe & the power of your own mind, it’s impossible not to believe in yourself!

You will learn the strategies & finesse of communication in high-ticket sales. Grab my simple, yet dangerously powerful 7- step formula to close high-ticket sales. Create easy mind-shifts that instantly elevate your vibrations to closing sales naturally, even if you are shy talking to others!

Follow my simple process to create offers that your prospects are powerless to resist. Become a master of influence. Make your words move mountains, and people! Miss any part your business will suffer.

Watch over my shoulders and follow easy steps to build your authority website in ONE day that sucks in hot leads, even if you have never touched a website before. Position yourself as the go to expert in your niche with your powerful online presence.

Follow me and assemble your online selling machine. Systematize & automate your marketing and sales process so your business does not depend on you being physically there. Let technology replicate you while the real you watch a fun movie or hanging out with family or friends! Create an unfair advantage for your business in this advanced digital age!

Attract, communicate, and sign up high-ticket coaching clients without spending a dime. You get the principles and scripts for easy implementation.

Leverage the largest, comprehensive, and lucrative network on earth to fuel your business with unlimited laser-targeted traffic and leads through advanced internet marketing. No cold calling, no stalling, or pestering friends & families. Build and scale your business like a real business!

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