Entrepreneurship is the ultimate self-development.

When you start a business, you come face to face with your hidden fears, self-doubt, and insecurities.

Business success is an internal journey of overcoming yourself, and in this process of inner transformation you become a better version of yourself, which results in business success outwardly.

Your outer circumstance is a perfect mirror of what you hold inside; success is simply a byproduct of your inner.

Therefore, mental shifts is the most crucial part of your business. There are 3 mental shifts that need to happen for success to manifest.

Mental shift #1: Practice “Having Done” energy

When you take business actions from the energy of “having done“, you’ll be able to have the courage to take powerful actions. And that’s the only way you can get things done actually, because you will never see the top of the stairs when you begin climbing.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.” -Steve Jobs

Too many people procrastinate in their business. They are waiting for the perfect time, perfect situation, perfect know-how…

But the problem is perfection never comes, and you will never know the exact how-to. The exact how-to is only revealed to you AFTER you have done it already. You can only look backwards to see the how-to.

But when you try to move forward, as Steve Jobs put it, “you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”

It is from this place of TRUSTING that allows you to overcome the fear of the unknow, fear of the uncertainly, and the fear of failure.

So practice the energy of “having done” already. Take it for granted that whatever you are trying to do is already done on a higher dimension. You are only shinning light on what’s already there, an existing plan if you will.

Mental shift #2: Money follows decisions

Often times we think money is the reason why we stuck where we are, and this is especially true for entrepreneurs.

“If I had money, I’ll be able to invest in a coach”
“If I had money, I’ll be happy”
“If I had money, I’ll be able to do the things I truly love”

It’s as if we are blaming money for stopping us from moving forward in life and business. However, moving forward is the only way we could make more money…

Often times we don’t do the investment necessary for us to make money, because we don’t get creative enough to come up with the money for the investment in the first place.

You see, we are running in circles. We stuck at square one. It’s a vicious cycle. We dug a hole for ourselves.

We make money the BLOCK for us to make money.

Money is simply an EFFECT, not a CAUSE.

It is not that you need money to get into a coaching program or invest in your self-improvement. You need to make a powerful DECISON, then money WILL come.

It takes a leap of faith in yourself.

Because so many people are so scared when they hear they have to invest in their future, the money scarcity mindset paralyzes them, they then say no to their dreams.

They close the door of opportunities.

They say, someday I’ll be able to invest.
They say, when I make enough money I’ll be able to invest.
They say, let me keep doing what I am doing until I get enough money

The truth is someday never comes, today is the only day. And doing what you are doing will get you the same results you are getting, it’s the definition of insanity!

The reason you can’t afford coaching is because you never really made the TRUE decision to invest in yourself in the first place.

When you truly made the decision, the Universe will rearrange itself for you to receive money, because saying “YES” to your dreams and desires is the first step towards receiving money.

Saying yes to your dreams elevate you to the VIBRATION of money, while denying your dreams shut down the creative flow where money energy is.

Mental shift #3: Your desire is calling you into your purpose

Fear comes from your ego, and desire comes from your SOUL. When you have a desire to start and grow a business to serve others, it is your soul calling you into your purpose.

The more people you can serve, and the deeper you can serve with each individual, the richer you will become. You are simply following the natural law of the Universe, which forever seeks greater experiences.

The so-called God/Universe/Higher Intelligence wants you to succeed, wants you to help a lot of people in powerful ways, wants you to make a lot of money.

Money is only a by-product of you answering your deep inner calling to serve a lot of people in the most powerful ways.

Your soul is calling you to step into your power, master the necessary high-income producing mental and strategic skills so you can live your purpose in abundance. And I am here to help you.