# 1 work on your mindset and belief

What actions you take and the emotions you have while taking actions determine your results. What action your take is based on what’s in your mind. When your mind has clarity, you take the right actions. When your mind is confused, you take lousy actions.

How you take action is determined by your mindset as well. Everything you do and how you do it are determined by your mindset.

New coaches or consultant who have not gone through mindset work shows in how they show up. Hire a mindset coach if you have to. Build a strong foundation for your business.

With the right mindset, you will:

Gain clarity of your messaging

Clear of your goals

Show up consistently

Never give up until you succeed

Get over fear

Push through your comfort zone

Take imperfect action

Stay laser focused

Get over failure and keep pushing forward

Know your worth and welcome money

Become a money magnet

… …

# 2 know your target audience

Know how to reach them and market to them. Know their pain points and be the solution provider. Get their attention so your messaging does not go crickets.

When your messaging is not resonating with your target audience, it’s not a messaging issue, it’s clarity issue. It is not your fault!

It is not that your messaging naturally sucks, it’s because your mind is not clear about what your target audience really want to see and provide them the right information. Willing to be flexible.    

# 3 develop sales skills

Sales skill is the livelihood of any business!

In any business, the sales team is the only one pulling in money! Other departments cost money.

Let’s take a handbag company as an example. To make the handbag requires the company to buy the raw materials required. Hire workers to make the handbags. The sales team brings in money for it to be possible to run the business!

Sure, there’s no company without the handbags being made. But the role of the sales is unparalleled. Sales is such a higher function of any company.

If you use the metaphor of a relay race for the company operation. The sales team is the last one who actually crosses the finish line! They got the most cheers!

I see so many new coaches and consultants overlook the role of sales skills in business.

They might be really good at what they do, which is coaching or web design, or copy writing, or whatever consulting skill they have.

But they lack sales skills.

No matter what business you are in, you are in the sales business.

Sales is what drives businesses. Without clients signing up with you, you don’t have a business!

It’s that simple.